2 IN 1 Portable Battery + Bluetooth Headset! MiniQ BT-Power

Published In: Media Release Created Date: 2014-08-13

Users of Bluetooth Headset must have this experience: couldn't trace of the Bluetooth headset when you want to use it. Even if you are able to find it, most of the users will aware that the Bluetooth headset has already run out the battery after they hung on their ear. Just really helpless!! In order to overcome this problem, Magic-Pro has introduced the MiniQ BT-Power into market. 2-IN-1 portable charger with a 7800mAh battery and a high speed Bluetooth headset. Embed the Bluetooth headset in the battery for charging while not in use. With the powerful 1.5A Input and 2.1A Output, the MiniQ BT-Power is able to charge all portable devices, (including Tablet PC). Option of Pearl White and Coolest Black is available. 


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