The 3rd  Generation of ProMini Cable launched today featuring data transfer function as well as powerful recharging.  Adopting 2 strands 24AWG core consist of 41 strenths tin-plated 4N99.99% high purity OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) featuring anti-oxidant technology, enhanced cable strength and longer durability.  Inheriting from previous generation of ProMini cable, user of 3rd ProMini data cable can benefit by exellent recharging efficiency and long last durability with top OFC materials and integrated cable design. It also refined with data tranfer function, which driven by 2 strands 30AWG core consist of 4N99.99% high pure OFC, with anti-interference shield provides stable transfer environment.  


Magic-Pro今年將繼續參加「台北Computex 2015」,屆時將展出Magic-Pro品牌充電座最新型號以及其他流行手機週邊,其中最新充電座型號MiniQ Charging Station系列相信將會成為當中一大亮點。

流動電池已成今天都市人的隨身物品,市面上花多眼亂,怎選擇?當然要買有品牌、有信心的產品。MiniQ為針對大眾市場需求,推出最新的MiniQ 7500,擁有雙輸出及小電筒,性價比十足之餘,亦輕巧實用,方便攜帶。

遊走天下,有 ProMini Power Station 6T 同您結伴同行!ProMini Power Station 6T 擁有最大輸出6.8A電流,可同時為6組裝置充電,為您伴途的智能電話、數碼相機、Wi-Fi分享器及平板電腦等裝置提供充足電力。

時下隨身裝置泛濫,智能電話、平板電腦、流動電池、數碼相機、手提音樂播放器……等等,一個人擁有不止一部,要同時為他們充電確實是一門學問。還想要齊齊整整排好充電?MiniQ Charging Station 7就幫到手啦!

ProMini® - one of the product series under Magic-Pro. Elegant & Professional out-looking design with high performance and reliability. One of the product under this series "Marco-USB charging cable" has won many testing contest. In respond of the positive feedback from the users in market, Magic-Pro has introduced a new generation of Micro-USB charging cable which enhance the performance and durability further.

Nowadays, screen of the smart phone is getting larger and larger, many manufacturers have already launched a large-screen series, even the the Apple Inc. has finally followed the trend and introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ into market this year.

The reason for popularity of large-screen smart phone is certanily for the use in media entertainment such as watching movie and playing game. But power supply will be a prior problem while using the smart phone for entertainment in a day when they are outdoor or travelling. ln order to maintain a non-stop power supply in a day, a good charging habits is a must, but a fast charging device is also very important and helpful.

While launching the hot selling products ProMini Power Station PS-6 and PS-10, recently ProMini introduces in the handy USB charger - ProMini Power Station PS-4. It has 4 USB charging ports. Able to charge 2 Tablet PC and 2 Smart Phone at the same time. Handy in Size and Light in Weight. Just one PS-4 and able to perform multiple charging. Great to use when travelling.
PS-4 has passed the international safety standard and already obtained the safety certification. With tight requirement of quality check processes and the 1 year "1-for-1" free exchange warranty. The PorMini Power Station 4 provides you ever best confidence in using charging device.

Since the ProMini® Power Station 6 obtained a great feed back from users after introduced into market.Therefore, Magic-Pro has designed another advance model, "The ProMini® Power Station 10" Not only inherit the safety and efficiency design of Power Station 6, but it also increased the charging USB ports from 6 to 10. It is able to charge 5 tablet PCs and 5 Smart Phones at the same time. Very good supporting on multiple charging. No need to plug in several charging adaptors on the power strip if charging many portable devices at the same time. Just only need one ProMini® Power Station 10 to charge up to 10 portable devices at once. Tidy and Concisely.With all the international safety compliance, the ProMini® Power Station 10 is just reliable and safe to use.



Product from Apple has caused a revolution in electronic and has changed our life and habits. Now a day, every people will have more than one portable device with them. It would be very hesitated to charge several portable devices at once. In order to overcome this issue, Magic-Pro has introduced the Six USB ports charger - The ProMini Power Station 6. It is able to charge 6 portable devices simultaneously. Very suitable for the use in family, office or traveling. Powerful feature and passed most of the international safety standard. It is just reliable and safe to use.

Users of Bluetooth Headset must have this experience: couldn't trace of the Bluetooth headset when you want to use it. Even if you are able to find it, most of the users will aware that the Bluetooth headset has already run out the battery after they hung on their ear. Just really helpless!! In order to overcome this problem, Magic-Pro has introduced the MiniQ BT-Power into market. 2-IN-1 portable charger with a 7800mAh battery and a high speed Bluetooth headset. Embed the Bluetooth headset in the battery for charging while not in use. With the powerful 1.5A Input and 2.1A Output, the MiniQ BT-Power is able to charge all portable devices, (including Tablet PC). Option of Pearl White and Coolest Black is available.

Magic-Pro 旗下品牌MiniQ流動充電器系列自推出後大獲好評,其繽紛的色彩及輕巧的外型,加上大容量,高效能充電功能,成為市場上最受年青人歡迎的充電器之一。近年自拍熱潮持續高企,以「微型.貼心.隨意」為理念的品牌MiniQ現推出第一款迷你自拍器MiniQ Selfie,MiniQ Selfie是一款極具創意的手機周邊產品,只需以藍牙連接至裝置,無需安置任何Apps即可靈活操縱快門,自拍從此更輕鬆!